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Pet The Bunny


Green Paws aims to offer a complementary and holistic approach to your pet’s health, working as a veterinary referral service alongside your primary vet, providing herbal veterinary medicine and acupuncture home visits in order to get to know your pet in their own environment.


We use an approach that looks at your pet as a whole, seeing them from a physical, mental, behavioural and environmental point of view. This is a huge advantage when looking at the ‘bigger picture’ and aiming to optimise the health of the whole animal.

We understand that your pet feels most at ease in their own home, and this helps us to assess their overall wellbeing by witnessing their natural behaviour in a relaxed environment, without external stresses. In order to observe your pet in their own environment we offer home visits in the Midlands, Staffordshire and Derbyshire area.

How do we work with you?


Initial appointments last approximately 1 hour, with follow-ups of 30 minutes.


Green Paws offers herbal medicine and acupuncture both as self-referral for pet owners who wish to seek a complementary approach to their pet’s health, and a secondary referral service via your first opinion vet. 


Primarily we treat dog and cats, but will work with all small animals needing care in your home.



Initial herbal consultation (60-minute home appointment) £90

Standard consultation (30-minute home appointment) £50

Acupuncture - please enquire

Visit fee - Within Uttoxeter no visit fee, £15 for up to 15 miles from ST14, 15+ miles £15 plus a pence per mile charge.

Herbal medicine costs vary depending on quantities and contents. Natalie will review this with you before prescribing any treatments to your pet.

Want to know more?

Use the link below to access the form that best describes who you are:

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